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Aug 16, 2009 1:45am EDT
that rush limbaugh now has become the voice and of course that was the strategy by obama, the obama administration to focus on risch-- rush lembo while he has many fans also has many people who don't like rush limbaugh so i think right now there is a fight within the republican party to find its leadership. i think that-- 2010 is going to be an important election for republicans. at this point i don't think they can regain control of congress but, if they lose badly in 2010 we are going to c8 bush within the republican party to return more moderate. >> the conservative ascendancy came out in 2007? now you have a new book out and it is co-written with nancy maclean, the american conservative movement, 1945 to the present. first of all why did to start in 1945? >> i think modern conservatism immerges-- there has been conservatives before the second world war but it is primarily a modern movement so that is why we began in 1945. >> why, what happened in 1945? >> i think primarily the emergence of the communist issue in the cold war. i think that really gave the conservative movement an
Aug 16, 2009 6:30pm EDT
still continue. it's not that we need either pundits or activists because we do need both. rush limbaugh rallied the crowd and does a good job of educating people on issues, but and others are the ones -- you all rarely hear rush limbaugh say call congress. other voices will say that. we need a variety of those voices. the problem in the blogosphere is still on the right. we're at about this compared to the left. if i do something at red state, a protest, there is going to be someone who was going to spend 10,000 words writing by either should not do it or if i would do it their way and set up my way, it would be more effective. you get that everywhere but the right is notorious about that, everyone wants to be the next rush limbaugh and george will, glenn back, you name it. the problem is when we start throwing stones at each other, as opposed to stones on the other side. i am a big believer in throwing stones at republican politicians who have gotten out of line. i'm a big believer in throwing stones are republicans. [applause] as i said this morning, we are rapidly getting to a situat
FOX News
Aug 16, 2009 3:00am EDT
tactic. they have attacked fox, rush limbaugh, sean hannity, health care industry, banks, big business. they always need someone to hate. >> campaign politics is about division in my view, having covered a lot of campaigns, but who do you make your enemies? in the end you need insurance companies. no one says this, his plan, insurance companies won't turn a profit. that's going to happen. sean: even the c.b.o. says, tens of millions of people are going to be forced into that public option, if you believe the heritage foundation. they are predicting 88 million people will be forced out. >> look, the administration has to answer these questions. we can't just go blindly into accepting health care program that hasn't had any -- i mean, look, we haven't divided the health care program up enough to understand what the future is going to bring about and i think the american people right now are frustrated. you know, i can't take the two sides of this, but what i can tell you, i'm getting emails every day from the american people and they feel they aren't being listened to. sean: it's one thi
Aug 15, 2009 10:00pm EDT
-american comedian can stand at the white house correspondents' dinner and wish rush limbaugh did and she gets laughed out, she doesn't lose gabus, even the president of the united states laughs at that so this is the environment we are dealing with. >> guest: it is very hypocritical, and as you noticed rush did not comment on that. he didn't need to. it tells the full story of the far left really wants for america and they don't want conservative views. the heat conservative views and they want to absolutely kill conservative views around america. therefore they allow for the talk-show hosts. >> host: now we are talking about soft censorship. let's talk about this car censorship you write about. do you think this democratic president with big majorities in the congress will go at a full frontal reinstitution of the fairness doctrine or will the approach it from a different angle? >> guest: if they do, they can expect 80 party that is incredulous. laughter, it will be the biggest tea party the nation has ever seen. >> host: you ain't seen nothing yet. >> guest: know, they are not going to go t
Aug 16, 2009 10:00am EDT
. you look at the folks, when they listen to rush limbaugh or listen to fox news, they think they are getting a respectful hearing of their news which they don't get with other networks. >> you used the phrase the death panels, and sarah palin said she didn't want an american in which her parents or baby with downs syndrome had to go and a half front of the panel. is this something where he told her will you quit making things up? >> she said herself when she was leaving the stage and moving on, media, will you stop making things up. it's appropriate this week for people to -- to call people on things like that if she's going to use this as a plat fofrmt i was struck how that spread to people who are not on facebook. someone asked senator grassley this week in iowa if, you know, if he was concerned about that. he said i'm not going to pull the plug on grandma. he did not say that that was incorrect necessarily. >> the fact, there's been this twitter, tit-for-tat between senator specter and grassley. >> can i say one thing about twitter? one thing that is interesting to me abo
Aug 15, 2009 11:00pm EDT
is to demoralize and mock your opponents. that's why they hate rush limbaugh so much because he makes fun of the left. the daily coats have been good at defeating. most of you don't love in washington, d.c. o'new york. you live somewhere else and you don't have to go to cocktail parties and be beaten down all the time. the second thing is, get the tools. no excuse for not having the tools. i mean get training. it's not enough to come to one conference and think you know everything there is. i'm always striving to be a better writer. you can do that, too. go to conferences and read books. get the logistical tools, a blackberry or iphone that allows you to videotape things. a video camera might come in handy or audio record and tweet from your havend held device. you should all be on twitter. get net worked. there are a lot of people you need to know. get net worked with them. know who they are. i know this is a nonpartisan thing. there is a democratic party, but i do know that a couple of folks from the nrcc are here today, get to know them because if you are republican, they can plug you
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)